Bike-A-Day Give-Away

Apr 09, 2019


Helmuth Builders continues to strive to promote our position of service in the surrounding community. With this in mind, we are launching a new campaign: A Bike-A-Day Give-Away!

Helmuth Builders will be giving away a total of 31 bikes during the month of May – you read that correctly, one bike per day for an entire month! We are seeking to gift them to individuals who need them most – someone who has no other mode of transportation, a child who’s never gotten to experience riding a bike, etc. If you know of someone who deserves this unique gift, LET US KNOW!

We will be setting up a designated “pick up day” at each of our three main sales offices for those individuals receiving the gift to come and have their photo taken with their new bike. Individuals receiving a bike will have the option to deny a photo if they choose.

Anyone with questions should reach out to the sales office nearest to them. We ask that submissions or requests be made by April 25, 2019.