Save Big on the Sizes You Love!

Feb 02, 2019

It’s February, the month of love. And that means it’s time for another sale. Let me tell you how much you can save this month on our 2 most popular shed sizes. When it comes to our customer’s preference concerning the size of a shed, 10’x16′ and 12’x20′ have risen to the top. Seeing as these are the most popular sizes, we thought it would be appropriate to make them more affordable through the month of February. You pick the style building and any wall height that you wish and if it is a 10’x16′ subtract $200 from your subtotal. If it is a 12’x20′ subtract $300 from the total. If you have been thinking of buying a 10’x16′ or a 12’x20′ consider the advantages of a February purchase.


Why those sizes?

You may be wondering why the 10’x16′ and 12’x20′ are the most popular sizes. We think that there are two primary reasons. First, people generally like buildings that are well proportioned. Square buildings are uncommon simply because the look is not nearly as preferable. Really long buildings that are narrow are equally undesirable, we have a special name for these sheds, we call them “hallways”. 10′ wide buildings look very proportional with a length of 14′-18′ . 12′ wide buildings look properly proportioned with a length of 16′-30′. And 14′ wide buildings can look well-proportioned with a length of 20′-40′. Obviously this is all personal preference but we believe it is one reason why these sizes are the most popular. Second, most people are trying to fit similar items in their sheds; items such as lawn mowers, shovels, wheel barrels, gardening supplies, side-by-side’s, small trailers, etc. These sizes have become the go-to sizes concerning convenience. When planning your purchase of a storage shed it is a good idea think about how everything can conveniently fit into your space. These shed sizes in particular work well for storing your items conveniently.


One other thing to keep in mind is that if a building is larger than 256 sq. ft. you are required to get a permit from the county or city in which you live. Because 12×20’s are 240 sq. ft. they have become a go to for customers who want a lot of space but do not want to deal with any red tape. Although many choose to disregard the local planning and zoning regulations we do not encourage our customer’s to do so.

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