When Things Go Sideways

Apr 25, 2019

Customer Testimony

“My name is Chuck Web, I bought this nice building from Helmuth Builders. From the start to the end here it’s been a delight working with Mr. Helmuth. From him coming and grading off and getting the rock put in here and prepping the site, to delivering the building. We had kind of a unique thing we had to do in getting the building in sideways between trees and rocks and all that. And his professionalism and all, he got the baby in here on the first shot. And it’s really remarkable, right on the spot, right where we had everything marked out. I just think they are a great company if you want a good high quality building. They got me everything just how I wanted and how I ordered, no mistakes at all. It’s just been a delight working with them. They are a good company and I recommend them highly.”

Pad Work

In this video we see a perfect illustration of what to expect when we (Helmuth Builders) do your pad work for you. Typically when we put a pad down for a customer it will look like Mr. Webb’s pad. Now, depending on the slope of your ground you may have a good bit more gravel on one side compared to the other. This is sometimes necessary in order to make the area where the building will be setting level. We recommend having at least 4” of depth to your pad if you intend to install one yourself. If we are doing the pad for you we will take care of hauling the gravel and leveling it in the area where the building will be setting. If you are interested in getting a quote give us a call and we will take care of it.

Sideways Delivery

It is not uncommon for us to find ourselves in a situation that requires us to deliver a structure sideways. In most circumstances we can set a building down and pick it up sideways once we get to our customer’s property. We cannot however, haul these buildings sideways on the road. It is good to keep in mind that if we must deliver a building sideways on your property, we must have sufficient room to first set the building down from the short side and back up to it from the long side. We depend on you to let us know if we cannot deliver your structure in a traditional manor. If you have any questions about delivery please let us know.