The Advantages of AdvanTech!

Jun 07, 2018

Let’s talk about the best option for your storage shed floor. The standard in the shed industry is plywood. However, many shed builders have switched to certain osb materials such as LP’s Prostruct flooring.  OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board and it can come in many different looks and qualities. In contrast, Helmuth Builders chooses to protect your shed with AdvanTech flooring.

AdvanTech is an osb subfloor like no other. It is a 3/4” tongue and groove flooring which is known for its stiffness and water resistance. See the following two videos as demonstrations of how AdvanTech resists water compared to common plywood and cheaper osb products.

When AdvanTech and ply wood are dipped into a red die it only takes around 45 minutes for the die to soak through from top to bottom on the plywood. This will cause swelling, rotting, or delimitation in the near future. The AdvanTech however shows no signs of water penetration. When it comes to strength and stiffness AdvanTech far surpasses its competitors. You would actually need to remove this much of AdvanTech to match the weight of these other two pieces of this Douglas fir and southern yellow pine plywood.

When it comes to bending strength, AdvanTech is 62% better than its competitors. This allows it to hold far more weight before any damage would occur to the panel.

PS 2 is a performance-based standard which defines the end use application of a wood-based panel, such as plywood, OSB or composite panels. It defines the requirements for the use of wood-based panels as structural components which are recognized throughout North America. Plywood and OSB products that are commonly used on storage sheds would meet this PS-2 standard.

AdvanTech flooring was issued the Evaluation Service Report, ESR-1785, certifying that it has endured a battery of testing protocols that measure and ensure greater and consistent levels of panel strength, and stiffness. So instead of having a PS 2 stamp it has an ESR-1785 stamp. When you see this on your shed floor let it remind you that you have purchased the best. AdvanTech has not given themselves this classification, this classification was given by the International code council and is available to all who want to validate and qualify their products as having superior design properties.


Once, a contractor came in to buy a shed and told a story of a time before AdvanTech when he was building a home for a young couple. An AdvanTech rep came and offered a sample 4’x8’ sheet for him to observe and test. This contractor was simply not interested so he threw it over a giant mud puddle and they walked on top of it to keep their feet dry. Because of untold issues the house got put on hold until 1 year later. He said that when he came back to complete the home he noticed the AdvanTech that had been sitting outside in the mud for 1 year. He picked it up, cut through it, and realized that it had no weather damage; in fact, apart from being dirty it seemed to still be in perfect condition. At that point he began to use AdvanTech and has never gone back.

We continually hear of the success stories of AdvanTech and it always gives me confidence that we at Helmuth Builders are using the best possible flooring option on our sheds. We hope that you agree and can see the value in AdvanTech flooring.

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