How It Works

Step 1. Let us know what your needs are so we point you towards what would best meet your needs.
Step 2. Once you have found the best solution to satisfy your needs, place your order. We typically require 20% down, unless you sign up for our Rent-To-Own Program.
Step 3. The salesman will tell you how long it will be until the delivery of your structure, he will call you once your unit is ready.
Step 4. We deliver your product. The balance is due upon delivery, unless you have signed up for the Rent-To-Own program.
Step 5. Enjoy your Helmuth Shed


Delivery is free within 50 miles. If you are over 50 miles away we will charge $3/loaded mi. If we are delivering a 14′ wide building to your site, extra charges will be applied. Extra charges may apply if you are out of state.


Set Up

We will deliver to your prepared site with no extra set up fees.

– We will prepare a gravel pad for your building – average rates for a gravel pad are $3-$5/sq.ft. Ask your sales rep for a quote. Concrete pads are available, ask your sales rep for a quote.


– We will block and level your building if need be, the first 4 blocks will be free. If you need more than 4 blocks to level your shed we will charge $4/block.


– With the purchase of your unit you will also receive 30 minutes of delivery time. If a delivery takes longer than 30 minutes we will charge, $120/hr. If you have properly prepared your site, this charge will not be necessary.


– A gravel pad is always a better option than blocking.