Are you in or around Virginia and need a level foundation prepared for the placement of an outdoor building such as a storage shed, pavilion, greenhouse, or playhouse? We’ve got you covered!

Why do I need a foundation?

Just like your home, a foundation is crucial to the integrity of your shed. A foundation creates a barrier from the elements and a structurally sound area for the shed to be placed.


Gravel: This is the best and most cost effective option. Gravel allows your runners (or skids) to be fully supported while keeping the building low to the ground, and maintaining ventilation to keep your shed base dry.**
Retaining Wall: If your property doesn’t have a relatively flat area to place your shed we offer a retaining wall foundation. A retaining wall foundation is the same concept of a regular gravel pad, but built up to compensate for slope.
Block: While this is the cheapest option, it offers the least support for the base of the shed. We will block no higher than two feet. Included in the price of your building are 4 blocks for level. If extra blocks are needed we will charge $4/block.
Permanent foundation: If your building is over 256 square feet, then your foundation must meet local code.

**If excavating and borders are required there will be additional costs.

Things to think about:

Location: Where do you want your shed?

It is very important to have an idea of where you want your shed. If you have a level spot in your yard that will be the most cost effective area to put your building. If you have nothing but hills or want your building in a particular spot that is not  level, this is where the retaining wall foundation comes into play.

Use: What you are using your shed for?

This may also be the determining factor of your foundation. If you your shed will be used to store heavy items or equipment then we recommend choosing a gravel or retaining wall foundation since it will fully support the structure.

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You may also visit Fundamental Siteworks which specializes in creating stone shed foundations, retaining walls, driveways, playground bases, and stormwater management systems, for your needs.