4′ Classic Poly Glider

Depth: 30″
Width: 55″
Height: 43″
Seat Width: 48″
Seat Depth: 18″

Clear Color Option

About Our Manufacturer

What is LuxCraft Poly Wood?

When milk jugs and detergent containers end up in recycling centers, they are used for many different purposes. In some cases, these jugs will end up becoming beautiful outdoor furniture that lasts for decades, further reducing waste in landfills from traditional plastic furniture being replaced every few years. The high density plastics that come from these jugs is run through a die and comes out in boards, similar to common wooden planks. From there, it is used just like lumber to craft a variety of different items. The unique qualities of poly wood make it perfect for outdoor furniture, offering a maintenance-free solution that is made to last decades outdoors.
Extruded with a UV inhibitor and uniform color throughout the material, your new poly furniture will not fade or bleach from sun exposure or a long winter frost and spring thaw – making them versatile enough for any climate. They are also impervious to chipping, fading, cracking, rotting, mold, mildew, and insects – problems that have always plagued wooden outdoor pieces. You can spend your time relaxing whenever the weather is right, without having to worry about making sure your furniture is ready beforehand.
With a wide variety of product offerings, each with an array of vibrant solid and two-tone color options, you’re sure to find the perfect set to match your unique outdoor decor. Shop with us and find out why everyone that owns poly furniture will never go back to traditional outdoor furniture again.