Since 1989 Helmuth Builders has had a single mission – to serve the Shenandoah Valley by providing the best possible product, both in functionality and in quality. We offer a wide variety of structures to cater to our clients’ needs and wants, all while ensuring that our products are the best when it comes to durability and design. Plus, all of our sheds and shelters are fully customizable giving you the ability to design your perfect building.

On top of variety, we pride ourselves in our dependability. At Helmuth Builders, our customer service goes far beyond our office. We aim to meet our clients’ needs with the best of our abilities and in a way that ensures you that you are valued.

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Pergolas & Pavilions

Our custom Pergolas and Pavilions are built from solid oak, making for a beautiful finish. Our attention to detail goes even further with the use of solid wooden pegs to connect the braces. Pricing for these units vary. Customers can choose a simple kit package to install themselves. They may also upgrade to a comprehensive on-site installation by our skilled team.

Roof Styles
Our Pergolas come in two different beam styles. Customers may choose a "Traditional Beam" or a "Heavy Beam". While our pergolas have an open concept, the pavilions feature a solid roof, complete with Architectural Shingles.

  • Pergolas & Pavilions
  • Pergolas & Pavilions
Storage Sheds

Our storage sheds are a great option for those looking for convenience and style. Helmuth sheds come standard with LP Smart Siding, Epilay Weathertite roof underlayment, MiraTEC trim and Haley Paint. Our Classic, Windsor, Lakeside & Monitor buildings also come standard with ¾” T&G Advantech Flooring, TechShield Radiant Barrier and Architectural shingles. In addition, we offer a wide variety of building upgrades to make your shed truly one-of-a-kind!

    • Classic Barn

    Classic Barn

    The Classic Barn features a hipped roof, also known as a gambrel roof which is convenient for overhead storage. Classic Barns come with wall heights including 4′, 6′, and 7′ as well as built with all our standard features. If you are looking for a shed with plenty of head room these Classic Barns are the ones for you.

    • Classic Cottage

    Classic Cottage

    The Classic Cottage (A-Frame) is one of our best-selling sheds. It is a very attractive and yet practical choice and it comes with all of our standard features. The Classic Cottage is available with a 7′ or 8′ wall. No matter what size you choose, the Classic Cottage is a smart decision.

    • Windsor


    Do you want to make the neighbor's heads turn? The Windsor is an overwhelmingly attractive shed that features recessed windows and an 8'' overhang. It comes with all of our standard features, and is an excellent choice for your backyard. We know you will be happy with your choice of a Windsor.

    • Lakeside


    No one would blame you for falling in love with the Lakeside. This beautiful style features a 12” overhang above the doors. It comes with two 18”x36” windows along with the rest of our standard features. It is available with a 7′ or 8′ wall height.

    • Monitor


    If you’re looking for an outdoor building with tons of character, look no further than The Monitor! The Monitor has a pushed up center which is excellent for extra storage or ventilation while the open main area serves as a perfect space for a work area. Helmuth Builders offers the Monitor with a 6′ and 7′ tall wall and it comes standard with one 18″x36″ recessed window and a decorative octagon window.

    • Economies


    If you're looking for a good shed at an incredible price, then an Economy Barn or Cottage may be the answer. These sheds do not have some of our “standard features” such as Advantech flooring, a window, and TechShield. However, we still use our top of the line Smart Siding and Mira Tec trim.

Animal Shelters

Providing a safe and dependable shelter for your animals is something Helmuth Builders takes pride in. Our experts will take the time to understand your needs, as well as your animals’ needs in order to help you choose the right shelter. We offer kennels for dogs, coops for chickens, and run-ins and stables for horses, goats and other livestock. Whatever the animal may be, we do our best to get them the space they deserve.

    • Dog Kennels

    Dog Kennels

    If you are looking for a safe and convenient place to keep your pet then a Helmuth Builders dog kennel may be just what you are looking for. Various sizes are available, and you have the option of including an insulated sleep area. Protect your pets with Helmuth Builders Kennel.

    • Chicken Coops

    Chicken Coops

    If you are looking for an easy and simple solution to housing your backyard chickens, without going broke, look no further. Whether you are looking for a larger Chicken Coop, or a portable compact coop, we have the solution. Let us help you help your chickens.

    • Run-Ins and Stables

    Run-Ins and Stables

    A Run-in shelter or stable is the perfect way to keep your livestock safe during severe weather. Run-ins will provide peace from the wind and snow as well as shade in the heat of the summer. If you need something with doors, then check out our stables.


Take in a beautiful sunrise or sunset, laugh with friends over a meal, or simply relax on a sunny day, all from a beautiful Helmuth gazebo. Our gazebos offer you and your family a perfect place to entertain and unwind, while ensuring stability and quality. Our gazebos bring beauty to your backyard and are the perfect complement to any outdoor space. Just imagine yourself relaxing in your wonderful gazebo through the heat of the summer, with a cool lemonade in your hand. A gazebo may be just what your yard is missing. Our gazebos are built with two different products – poly-vinyl over wood and pressure-treated wood. You can screen in your gazebo, and even add electricity for a fan and lights. Our wooden gazebos can also be stained for an added element of style.

  • Gazebos
Playhouses and Cabins

Are your kids in need of an outdoor space that is safe and reliable? A Helmuth Builders play house or cabin is the perfect solution! Our play houses and cabins are built with a child’s imagination in mind. With child-height doors and a fun loft space, these buildings will provide your young ones (and young-at-heart) with plenty of opportunities to imagine and play. We use high-quality materials to ensure that our structures are sturdy and safe for everyone!

  • Playhouses and Cabins
  • Playhouses and Cabins

Helmuth Builders Greenhouses are one of a kind. We use a polycarbonate material that lets in 80% of the light that hits it. It has a 1.65 r value. The polycarbonate is an excellent insulator. As long as the sun is hitting the bare polycarbonate the inside should be warm enough to avoid any other heat source. However, you may need a small heater for those cold winter nights. To ensure strength we use metal T braces that run diagonal across the studs and trusses. We use washer head screws on the polycarbonate to avoid any leaks. In addition, the entire interior of the greenhouse will be covered with Haley paint. We know that you will be happy with a Helmuth Builders Greenhouse.

  • Greenhouses
Potting Sheds

These beautiful sheds will give you that rustic feel that you have not been able to previously achieve. With stained lap siding and cedar shake shingles, this shed will complete the beauty of your backyard and garden. Built with 3/4" Advantech flooring, 16" on center studwork, and metal bracing on the interior, this Potting Shed is also structurally sound.

  • Potting Sheds
Custom Buildings

In addition to our standard buildings, we also offer custom buildings. With a Helmuth Builders custom building, you will have the opportunity to play a critical role in the design of your space. When we finish out a space, we use our exterior smart siding and composite trim on the walls, and pine wood panels on the ceiling. We offer floor, ceiling and wall insulation, electric packages, flooring and much more! This is an excellent option if you are in need of an office space or a temporary residence.

  • Custom Buildings
  • Custom Buildings
  • Custom Buildings

Helmuth Builders’ furniture comes in 3 basic styles: the Rollback, the Classic Highback, and the Adirondack. These styles are represented in many different types of furniture, gliders, rockers, swings, etc. We also offer various styles of tables and accent pieces. Most of our furniture is available in either polyethylene (poly vinyl) or wood. Buy furniture from our online store here.

  • Furniture


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